Tax Planning for Business

We advise in all areas of business tax including:

  • Choice of business vehicle – sole trade, partnership, LLP, company, group/parallel co structures).
  • Incorporation of a business – switching into a company.
  • Profit extraction for Owner-Managed Businesses.
  • Group tax planning.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Share incentives including Enterprise Management Incentive.
  • Share transfers in OMB’s.
  • Review of business activities (trading v investment).
  • Business disposal.
  • Business acquisition.
  • R&D Tax Relief.
  • Patent Box.
  • Planning for overseas business.

Tax Planning for Business News


Why choose John Gale & Co?

Expert tax advice provided by a Chartered Tax Adviser.

In addition to advising personal clients (see Tax Planning for Individuals), our team has over 20 years experience advising businesses and business people in relation to their tax affairs including:

Succession Planning.

Formulating strategies for tax-efficient transfer of share ownership in OMB’s.

Hive-down of trading operations within a group.

Company Purchase of Own Shares.

Employee share incentives.

Partnership changes – new partners and retiring partners.

Structures for new business ventures including mixed trading/investment operations.

IR35 and personal service companies.

Losses planning.

Claims for R&D Tax Relief in various industries.

Investing in business ventures.

Selling your business.

Maximising Capital Allowances on property.

Reviewing Double Tax Treaties and advising on overseas issues.

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