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Landlords’ Tax Welcome Pack

It is a new personal tax service specially designed for landlords. It combines preparation of the annual Self Assessment Tax Return with 5 additional features to help landlords manage their properties and minimise their tax cost at every turn.
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Welcome to the 100% + club (whether you like it or not)

The 100% + club is an exclusive group of individuals who manage to achieve a tax saving greater than their expenditure or conversely, suffer a tax charge greater than the income they receive!
Child Benefit in 2013 – your very own financial nightmare?

Child Benefit in 2013 – your very own financial nightmare?

Over 1 million families will be caught by the Government’s new rules for retrospective means-testing of Child Benefit payments which come into effect on 7 January 2013.

About Us

Our mission is to give you the best tax advice and support so that:-

  • You pay no more tax than you have to;
  • You meet your tax filing and payment obligations;
  • You can relax, knowing that your tax affairs are in order.

We are a tax consultancy business established in July 2012 and run by John Gale, a Chartered Tax Adviser.

Before setting up this tax consultancy, John spent more than 20 years working in accountancy firms advising individuals and business clients with regard to their tax affairs. He gained extensive knowledge and experience by specialising firstly in personal tax, then in corporate tax and most recently in the tax issues affecting Owner-Managed Businesses. These skills now come together within John Gale & Co.

We would be delighted to help you with your tax affairs.

Please feel free to contact John on 07882 585 176 or use our Contact page to send us an email or request a call back.